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Installation Instructions


Inspect your wall for any defects. Start with a smooth clean surface. Remove any picture hooks or switch plates.

HOT TIP: This should be an enjoyable process.

Start from the left

Always start from the left with wallpaper Panel 1. Apply sequentially as per numbered panel. 

HOT TIPS: Take your time. It’s important Panel 1 is positioned correctly, as its the basis for your wall. 

Prepare to stick

Lay Panel 1 face down on the floor. Peel back the backing sheet to the dotted line as indicated on the reverse side of Panel 1.

HOT TIP: Do not remove the entire backing sheet. Apply pressure and crease the backing sheet on the dotted line so it lays flat.

Panel 1

Line up the top edge with your ceiling or cornice. Smooth it onto the wall with your hands and ensure it’s square. If you are butting into another wall, use the vertical left hand edge as your square. If not, allow the panel to run off the left hand edge slightly and trim later.


Removing the backing sheet

Slowly and evenly peel back the backing sheet while smoothing on with your hands. Your install buddy can slowly remove the backing sheet as you continue to smooth the panel. Work your way down and outwards to remove any bubbles.

HOT TIPS: Use your hands so you can feel any imperfections.

Simply let wallpaper fall naturally into place. Dont try and stretch into place. If alignment is out, simply reposition panel.   

Wrinkles and bubbles

Smooth all wrinkles and bubbles. Avoid using too much pressure as you may damage the print. All bubbles and wrinkles should just rub out. If they don’t, slowly lift the effected area and reapply.

Step 7 Additional Panels

Additional panels

All additional panels are to be applied as per panel 1. REMEMBER, all additional panels have a 1/4 inch overlap. Simply align image at top, whilst your install buddy helps you align at base. If your roof line is square you will find this a very simple process.



When all panels have been adhered, use a sharp knife to remove any excess print. You should have approx 2/4inch at the bottom of all panels, overall hieght,  and on the right hand side of the overall wall, last panel - overall width. 

HOT TIP: Ensure your knife is sharp.



Trimming around switch plates


Ensure all switch plates have been removed.


Firmly smooth wallpaper and crease into the top of the switch.


Make a slight criss cross incision in the centre of switch.


Carefully extend the incision to the inside edge of the switch.


Firmly seal wallpaper to the edge of the switch.


Carefully trim additional wallpaper around switch.