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General Questions

What is Pickawall?

Pickawall takes DIY decorating to a whole new level.  Our website allows you to fully customize your own mural to suit your room & wall size. 

Our unique self-adhesive and removable wallpaper is the highest quality product on the market today. The easy peel on, peel off application allows you to transform your walls without stress with a simple step-by-step installation guide.

Pickawall’s unique wallpaper is opaque and removes the need to prep your walls prior to installation. Most importantly, Pickawall wallpaper is printed using child safe inks which are odorless, non-toxic and safe for your family & environment. 

Made a mistake? Change your mind? Want to reposition the image elsewhere or change your decor according to the seasons?  Thanks to Pickawall’s special self-adhesive backing you can easily remove and re-apply your image time and time again. 

 Click here to Get a Sample of our unique wallpaper.

How much does Pickawall $$$?

Pickawall is only $5.63 per square foot.

Our minimum order is 25 (sq ft) square feet ($143.00). 

Pickawall provides the largest collection of professional library images for you to choose from or upload your own image without any additional charges. We offer a 'Live Pricing*' feature on your custom sizing, which means we customize your pricing to suit your order.

ALL orders over $400 include FREE shipping! For orders under $400 we apply a standard shipping fee of $69.

The prices of products, delivery and other charges are shown in US Dollars ($USD).

What is your delivery time?

As soon as your order has been completed, your mural is sent to our studio for production. Our studio team works 5 days a week and most orders will be printed, despatched & delivered within 10 - 12 business days. 

Who is Pickawall?

Pickawall was launched in 2012 and has quickly become one of the world's largest mural companies. Our team are industry specialists with over 12 years experience in large format printing. 

Our expertise and passion in printing on all types of fabric and vinyl products over many years has helped us deliver the finest removable wallpaper product on the market today.

Click Here to Get a Sample. 

We're social too. Checkout our Facebook page today and follow Pickawall to see our latest installations and new mural ideas daily.

What images do you have in your library?

We have partnered with the world’s largest image libraries and offer you over 60,000,000 professional library images & designs to choose from. We also give you the option to use your own unique design or photo using our easy ‘Upload Image’ function or FTP Upload for larger artwork files. 

If you would like to add text or logo's to personalise your custom design, we also offer a design service for a fee. 

What does child safe mean?

Your Pickawall is printed using the latest in safe ink technology.  Our special latex printer uses water based inks that are odorless and non-toxic. Not only is our material safe for your child, but is envorinmentally friendly.  

Does the wallpaper smell?

No! Our latex inks are odorless and eco friendly. Our material does not leave any unwanted smells or toxins.  

What is Pickawall made from?

Our wallpaper is a woven polyester fabric, which allows the wallpaper to breathe (air bubbles don't get trapped under wallpaper). Not only that, Pickawall’s removable wallpaper is opaque, washable & durable.   

What sizes do you print?

Our minimum custom order is 21 square feet. Our customized wall sizing feature allows you to enter the exact dimensions of your wall, so you only pay for what you need. 

Large wall sizes are limited to a maximum of 320 square feet to protect the integrity of the image quality. If you have a larger wallpaper order please upload your image to us at and we will customize your order.

What Guarantees or Refund Policies do you offer?

Pickawall also offers a 5 year guarantee on our wallpaper against fading and adhesion issues.

Refunds are only issued if the wallpaper is returned to us and there is a printing, manufacturing issue which can not be resolved. Refunds will only be considered if there is no forcible resolution within 30 days of purchase. Please note if the wall surface is not suitable (please see T&C's) this is not grounds for a refund.

Can I use my own photo or digital design?

We encourage you to design your own wallpaper by uploading your personal high resolution images and designs. We can supply further details of what is recommended to upload simply email

Simply click the 'Upload Image' button and follow the prompts. 

Copyright Notice: You agree when uploading your ‘Own Image’ that under Pickawall’s Terms & Conditions you agree to have copyright (ownership) or enhanced image licence rights over that image and take responsibility for its use. Pickawall reserves the right to cancel and refund any order that it feels is in breach of these conditions without notice.

Why can't I get the whole image to fit my size wall?

You can't put a round peg in a square hole and you can't turn a portrait image into a panoramic, so sometimes you will need to sacrifice some of the image or possibly choose another image that works better for the size of your wall and orientation.

We have developed specialty software that allows you to fully customize your Pickawall to suit your wall size and environment. Use our 'Create Art' screen to scale or rotate your image within your nominated wall size. 

What about copyright & watermarks?

The 'Pickawall'  watermark has been placed on all images on our website to protect our photographers and is removed for printing. acknowledges and respects copyright and royalty payments are made on all image sales in our image library.  

I'm having trouble with the Pickawall website?

If you are using older versions of Internet Explorer (before version 9.0), you will experience problems loading images into the ‘Create Art’ screen. Pickawall uses the latest HTML 5 platform and highly recommends you use web browsers such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best results.  

Your web browser settings must also have cookies 'enabled' to use our functionality to create your wallpaper mural. Cookies allow us to improve the function of customizing your Pickawall. We also use cookies for fraud prevention.

Do you share my uploaded photos?

No! Your uploaded images are not shown on our website or shared with any 3rd party. These are only used for your print as uploaded.

How do I know if my own image is high enough resolution?

Large format printing requires high-resolution images. Our website will warn you with a ‘Poor’ quality message should the image quality not reproduce to the size of your wall. Our service team will also check your order prior to print and will contact you should the print quality not meet our standards. 

Note: If our system won’t allow you to upload a file under 1MB in size, and will only accept JPEG format. Please use our FTP service if you have a larger/ diffferent file format image. We also have Dropbox access, simply share with us

Can I use an image taken by my camera phone?

Generally no, however this will depend on your smart phone. Make sure you select the high definition feature on your phone.  Smart phone users should select the HDR option.

How do I create a collage?

We recommend using one of the many photo editing software packages on your PC or Mac (Adobe Photoshop etc). Once you have created your collage artwork, simply click the 'Upload Image' function. Remember to use high-resolution images, especially for the larger size orders.

You don't have the image I'm looking for?

If you can't find the image you are looking for on, please access our library partner websites who have over 80 million high resolution images and hopefully we can help you will find it.  

Search our library partner websites: or

To add an image from one of these libraries to our website, simple click on our 'Contact' link and enter the image #ID number and click 'Submit'. The image will be loaded as soon as possible to our website without charge. Please note: some images may not be available due to restrictions imposed by the photographer. 

Can I add text, a logo or make a design request to an image?

We offer a full customized service on all orders. Simply email with your requirements and brief.

We will provide a quote and supply you a PDF proof prior to print.

I'm looking for a Black & White image?

The Pickawall website allows you to edit any image in our library to fit your wall perfectly. You can ‘Crop’, ‘Rotate’ or change your image to ‘Black & White’ & ‘Sepia’ before placing an order. 

What if my wall isn't exactly square?

Simply measure the wall area you wish to cover by its width & height. Do not include skirting areas or allow for excess print. Our system automatically includes a 3/4 inch excess print on the base of every panel and to the RHS of the last panel to cater for your walls not being perfectly square.

Can I Pickawall my ceiling?

Our wallpaper will adhere to any smooth surface, including ceilings.

*Please take care when installing wallpaper in areas where ladders are required*

Can Pickawall be used as a splashback or in a Bathroom?

Simply install behind glass if you are building or renovating your kitchen splashback.

If you are planning to install Pickawall in your bathroom, we recommend you print using UV inks. UV does have a paint smell which will dissipate, however this print application will not retain moisture and is easier to clean. Simply reply to your order confirmation with "Please print on UV". 

Will my wallpaper stretch or shrink?

Pickawall will withstand dramatic temperature variations without affecting its integrity. When repositioning a panel we recommend you peel off the wallpaper slowly to avoid unnecessary stress on the material. 

Do you ship overseas?

Yes! Pickawall ships globally everyday FREE*. The cost of freight is included in our pricing using the reliable services of DHL, UPS, FEDEX & STAR TRACK EXPRESS (AAE) and Royale.  Tracking numbers are provided (When possible) in our despatch email. 

* order over $400 are shipped FREE globally, orders under $400 incur a flat fee of $69. 

Is any Import Duty payable on my overseas order?

Your consignment description is marked ‘Large Format Photo’ and is unlikely to attract any custom, import or brokerage fees in most Countries. Pickawall however has no control over such fees and in the unlikely event that a fee or duty is imposed on your order, the payment of these remains the responsibility of the customer.

Can I track my order?

Yes! Once your order has been dispatched your tracking ID number will be emailed to you. You will then be able to click on the link to go directly to our couriers website and track your order, simply by entering in your tracking number.  

Can you send me a sample of your wallpaper?

Please click on this link

Why can’t I upload my own image?

The resolution of your image is too low to meet our minimum printing requirements or we don’t accept the file format you’re attempting to upload. 

The image I selected is no longer available. Why is this?

This is a very rare occurrance and unfortunately outside of Pickawall’s control. The owner or image you selected has sold the exclusive rights to a 3rd party after we uploaded it to our website, therefore overriding our agreement to use that image. If you can’t find an alternative image you will receive a full refund without delay.

What does 'Recently Viewed' mean?

'Recently viewed' is your personal photo collection that allows you to drag & drop images onto the 'Create Art' screen. Simply drag images into the blank canvas to customize and compare your wallpaper selections. We suggest you create an account so your images will remain in your favorites for future visits.

Can I talk with someone directly about my order or design brief?

Call us on 1800 965 9028 (USA & CANADA ONLY) or email

Installation, Removal & Maintenance

How easy is the Installation & Removal process?

Pickawall was developed as a super easy DIY product. Installation is a simple peel on, peel off process. Our wallpaper is also very forgiving so if you make a mistake you can reposition and start over without damaging your wallpaper. Pickawall adheres directly onto your wall without the need for preparation or glue. Simply Peel and Stick. 

You will receive an easy to follow and personalized instruction sheet with your order. We also recommend you watch our installation video – Click here

Note: In the unlikely event you damage a panel during installation, we will re-print it at no charge or question.

What surfaces will Pickawall adhere too?

Pickawall's self-adhesive backing sticks to most smooth wall surfaces. Plaster board painted wall (non-teflon paint), glass, tiles, smooth polished concrete (need to be trialled with a sample first). 

Pickawall can adhere to a timber surface such as an MDF board or Ply wood but does require an undercoat of paint as a minimum. 

Note: If your wall is porous/rough surface (brick wall etc) or rendered (rough surface with sand grains) Pickawall will not adhere directlly. If you are unsure about your wall surface we suggest you order a sample to test the adhesion quality.

What mess will be left behind when I remove the wallpaper?

No residue or sticky walls will be left behind after removal. 

Please ensure you slowly peel back the wallpaper from the wall, as ripping may cause brittle or freshly painted walls to flake. If you have recently painted your wall please ensure you give it ample time to cure before applying your wallpaper.

Can Pickawall be re-applied?

Our special wallpaper can be removed and re-applied to your walls over and over again. The adhesive properties of our wallpaper remain constant and offer continued easy installation and removal.

We recommend keeping the original packaging that your wallpaper comes attached to for transportation or storage at a later date.

How many panels can I expect my wallpaper to have?

This depends on the size of your wall.

Our drop panels generally run at approximately 28 inch widths but will be adjusted to ensure you receive equal sized panels.

Your Pickawall order will arrive with a image proof of your customised wallpaper showing exactly how your wallpaper panels have been printed, with each wallpaper panel numbered for your convenience.

What about bubbles?

Pickawall's unique removable product is made from a fabric material. This allows the wallpaper to breathe, eliminating all bubbles. If bubbles arise, simply rub your hand over the effected area until they disappear. In the event a bubble returns, simply lift the wallpaper panel off the wall and allow it to resettle. 

How do I store my wallpaper once I’ve removed it?

You can easily store your wallpaper by simply placing it back on the original backing paper and evenly rolling up your images without creasing it. Place in a suitable box and store flat in a dry location.

How do I look after and maintain my wallpaper?

If you need to clean your wallpaper, lightly wipe down with a warm damp cloth or sponge. Avoid chemicals, abrasive materials and pressured concentrated scrubbing.